We are manufacturing timber wall paneling, weather boards Melbourne, timber wall cladding and etc. made of natural wood by combination of little amount of natural wax, we also manufacture internal wall cladding materials. As wood is a natural thing and every natural thing has its own benefits. Not only a good look you are getting by using our natural wood made item but there is other benefits also for you and environment as well. The benefits can be categorized in the following areas. 


Non-combustible materials like inorganic materials and steel used in building, these are expandable while been heated which leads to structure weak. There is opposite reaction of wood as compared to non-combustible materials. Wood becomes even harder then it casual condition when it is heated in sunlight.


You will definitely like if your new home will ready as soon as you want to live in it, yes it is possible with wood. As compared to stone, concrete and brick, constructions of wood often done for saving of time and it also become the factor of saving money like labour cost. Wood construction is needed especially in harsh weather like snow fall and heavy rain, construction can be complete without any interference. Builders also accepts that making of structure of wooden house is easier than house made of concrete, brick and steel frames.


Even by affixing exterior timber wall paneling only, it helps to control carbons as wood (single cubic meter) saves 0.8 tons of carbon. House made/ decorated with weather boards, wall cladding are absorbing atmospheric CO2, positive climate change are seen in surrounding. 


Wood is very light weight as compared to brick, it has also a slightly ability to be flex rather than to be got break/crack like brick. In case of house made with wood need to shift slightly it does not crack. Wood houses and frames are very light weighted, easy to lift for the worker, durable, easy to install, easy to un-install without any damage. In some countries where houses are destroyed by hurricane, it noted there that the category 5 of the hurricane will also destroy house made with bricks as wooden house, so wooden house is cheaper than the house made with bricks.


Wood is not good sound insulator so sound echoes are prevented for bouncing in the room by wood. Wood is move effective for sound insulation, when different room are insulated by it.

Many concert halls and singing audition auditorium in the global, uses the internal wood structure as wood is sound insulator so the singer/applicant’s own voice can be listened as natural voice.